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Energy industry

Investments in renewable energy sources are becoming an important element of Polish economy. Green Way Fund notices a great development potential of the RES sector, that is why the projects have been included in the Fund’s key investment areas.

Polish energy sector is now facing real challenges. High demand for energy, inadequate development level of production infrastructure and environmental protection are all factors which call for taking decisive actions in order to prevent the energy receivers’ situation. At the same time, recent years were characterised by a range of unfavourable phenomena such as: prices fluctuations of raw materials, growing demand for electricity, serious failures of energy systems and progressive environmental pollution, which require a change of attitude towards energy policies. Polish energy industry is still mainly based on coal combustion. Produced heat energy is used to power turbines, thanks to which is it possible to produce electricity. During the process many harmful substances are obtained as by-products, which are then released to the surrounding environment.

The RES sector in Poland and globally has been dynamically changing. It is favoured by new legal regulations and technological progress, which leads to a significant reduction of costs. Until recently, only the persons promoting environmental protection had noticed the possibility to use wind, sun or water power as energy sources. Today, there are more and more investors who want to participate in the RES sector development.

A growing demand for electric energy resulting from civilisation changes requires investments in the RES sector to increase. At the same time, since 20th century there has also been raising awareness in terms of the need for protection of the environment, which was significantly destroyed by human activities. The effects include rapid increase in interest and, more importantly, the use of natural energy sources. Their main advantage over conventional energy sources is the fact that they are inexhaustible. Moreover, technology used to generate electricity from renewable energy sources allows for environmental protection as during the process CO2 is not emitted to the atmosphere.

According to the Directive 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009 (promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources) adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, until 2020 in EU the total amount of energy from renewable sources (e.g. sun and wind) is expected to account for 20% of the total amount of produced energy. Also, greenhouse gas emissions and a total energy consumption will be reduced by 20%. The Directive also points out the objectives for particular member states. For Poland, they include ensuring that 15% of the total consumed energy will be derived from renewable sources by the year 2020.

Poland records high demand for energy and lacks a proper production infrastructure. In 2013 energy produced from renewable energy sources accounted only for 10.17% of a total energy produced and at the end of 2013 in Poland power plants using various renewables sources with a total power capacity of 5 510,684 MW were installed. It requires a rapid development of renewable energy in Poland within a few years.

When comparing statistical data from Poland and the data from the whole European Union it can be clearly observed that Polish renewable energy sources market has enormous development potential. According to available estimates, until 2020 utility power plants with a total power capacity of almost 7 thousand MW should be necessarily withdrawn from Poland. It will lead to an increasing need for new investments, mainly regarding renewable energy sources, and therefore will allow for estimating a capital demand of PLN 80 billion until 2020.

As indicated in Poland’s Energy Policy until 2030, we should expect that in the end of 2015 the net demand for energy will be 140 TWh, in 2020 – 156.1 TWh and in 2030 – 201.7 TWh. However, Energy Market Agency forecasts that until 2030 we will be challenged with a continuous growth in a wholesale prices of energy. Currently, Polish Power Exchange shapes it as PLN 190.00 per 1 MWh. In 2016 it will be PLN 258.3.





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