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Enterprise restructuring

Green Way FIZAN is interested in conducting processes of enterprises restructuring characterised by a great market potential and predispositions for introducing systemic changes. We would like to bring new quality to this type of business activities. Restructuring means for us the process ensuring the development of the company and giving us new business opportunities. Although it is a more difficult and demanding way, Green Way Fizan takes pride in highly specialized management team and experience in leading such types of processes, what induces us to undertake these business challenges. Our experts are ready to tackle even the most problematic tasks, which will allow to reach satisfying effects both for restructured entities and investors.

Due to the dynamically changing business environment enterprises have to face with a multitude of challenges. The risk associated with conducting business activity causes that sometimes carrying out the restructuring or using the instruments governing the bankruptcy of entrepreneurs appears to be an indispensable step. However, it should be borne in mind that bankruptcy is the last resort and restructuring introduced in the preliminary stage allows to avoid this method.

Restructuring process consists in property, organisational, economic, financial and technical changes adjusted to effective implementation of a company’s objectives, changes in client’s needs, competitivity of other entities, expectations of contractors (e.g. banks), modifications of law regulations belong only to some of the factors that have a direct impact on the enterprise decision to conduct restructuring of business activity. It may be executed by a merger with other enterprises, a selection of key activity areas or a consolidation. Restructuring is understood as the proces of substantial modifications of concepts and practical functional solutions of the enterprise in this way so as this enterprise would achieve a competitive position both on the domestic, as well as on the international market. These changes aim especially at improving the value of enterprises and consequently, the increase of its income.

One can distinguish the following types of restructuring processes:

  • internal restructuring - introducing systemic changes in terms of technical and organisational areas;
  • business restructuring – connected with legal and economic areas;
  • remedial restructuring – conducted in enterprises which are about to collapse, for which the main objective is to improve its financial situation and recovery;
  • development restructuring – based on the enterprise’s strategy, which implies its constant development through improving the quality of products and marketing activities;




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