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Industrial properties

Nowadays, investors more carefully select ways of capital earning, constantly seeking attractive opportunities of placing their own financial resources. Since many years the most important role in decision-making process as regards investing a capital in a given investment plays two major factors: potential rate of return and the associated risk level. They cause that among numerous options it is much easier to choose those which stand a chance of becoming the most accurate and as a result-profitable.

One of the most common asset classes that still attract large investment funds around the world is real property. This is because of relatively low investment risk. An upward trend is observed in the case of the majority properties prices. They have one more important feature - their owner can earn additional income by renting, selling or developing real property e.g. for the purpose of building a logistics center or a commercial facility.

Average prices for good quality grounds in logistics locations vary from PLN 70 to PLN 150 per square meter, except the plots within the boundaries of Warsaw and Krakow, where the prices reach a level of PLN 650 per square meter. Industrial property will show upward tendencies while retaining a competitive price, relative to other countries. On the commercial property, each sector has an upward trend.

Land prices were not influenced by financial crises, political turmoils and other problems affecting investors in other sectors. No one needs to be convinced about taking advantages from investing and building on the territory of Poland. Our country is situated in the very heart of Europe and using this strategic location gives a lot of opportunities. It should also be underlined that land prices in Poland are still much lower than in other countries of the European Union. At the same time, one can notice a relatively stable economic development encompassing industrial development, which results in a surge in demand for terrains enabling the construction of such facilities as logistic and storage centers, wind farms, photovoltaic farms, plants, assembly rooms, ports, airports, warehouses of energy materials and many others. Investments in grounds are highly cost-effective in all countries of the European Union; due to this fact Green Way FIZAN made investments in properties one of the major areas of its operation. The Fund plans to invest in industrial properties characterizing with a high potential for value growth. Acquired real estates which create appropriate conditions might be used by Green Way FIZAN to conduct investments belonging to the key areas of its operation.





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