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We make every effort to ensure that our projects are characterised by a potentially high profitability and a limited risk level so as to guarantee investors the safety of their capital. Cooperation with leading experts in both technology and business allows to increase the chances of success of all undertakings realised by us. Green Way FIZAN is implementing active management policy, which means it constantly monitors the investments and actively participates in project management. The Fund is entitled to operate in compliance with the rules of limited investment risk defined in the Act on Investment Funds.

Green Way FIZAN is investing in sectors such as:

Industrial properties - attractive industrial properties with a high growth potential achieved by e.g. building logistics and production halls;

Enterprise restructuring - entities which show possibility of restoring internal balance and open to systemic change process with a potential of generating high incomes;

Logistics - development projects associated with building and designing logistics centres for lease or sale, situated in the vicinity of main roads, highways or agglomerations.


Any information presented on this website is based on information from 1st May 2015. The Fund does neither guarantee implementing of the planned investment target nor obtaining a specified investment result. The Fund’s investment result is different from the investment result of the Fund’s members due to burden ratio on incomes from investments, especially tax from capital revenue. The Fund’s member has to be aware of the possibility of losing at least the part of all paid resources. Current Fund’s results do not guarantee achieving similar results in the future. Detailed descriptions of risk factors are available in conditions for emissions of particular series of investment certificates. Submitting a subscription for Green Way FIZAN investment certificates requires prior reading of Green Way Statute and Conditions for Emission of Investments Certificates.





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